Software Features

  • Multitasking Activity List – able to calculate number of time taken to complete a given task
  • Unlimited Asset Tags – No licensing required for number of tags access
  • System Access Control –Hierarchical System Access Control to view, add, and
    modify and delete
  • Built-in CAR(Corrective Action Form) – notifying when SOL are breached and auto
    alert via emails(options) to respective supervisors for further actions and approval
  • Parent-Child Relation – Tags can be grouped for easy assets identification on
  • Readily available report
  • Users Activity Audit Trails
  • User Logs – Audit Trails of System LogIn/LogOut, Upload/download activities,
  • Pre-set email notifications – Notification to users and personnel on critical
    functions, SOL breach, new task given, completed task
  • Simple upload/download of existing assets tags to/from Virtuallink EBC System
  • Data export – data/reports can be exported in various format i.e Pdf, Excel
  • Pre-set Activity Reporting – Tour Analysis by Individual, by Groups, Tour Groups,
  • Individual Tags, Group Tags, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Completions period
  • Multitasking Activity – Set time limits for specific task completion